Monday, July 25, 2011



I am now on my way to KL, leaving my two significant other half behind. Sob sob. This wshop better be a good one.

Anyway, yesterday we went out to the shopping mall for Ilham's usual routine @ Toys'rus. Hehe. But I also ended up buying new stuff for him - a crayola crayon, colouring book, paint set and an educational toy (wooden pieces with different shapes which he has to sort out accordingly)

I know. I've been buying too much toys n stuff for him. But I just couldn't help it, every parents wanted the best for their child, right? Maybe I should consider opening a pre-school for toddlers. Haha. Then, we went to Times bookstore, well, it's a must and we try not to miss it. I didn't planned to buy any book for myself until I saw this:-

So I immediately grabbed the book and glanced through the content and I was like - Oh, this is so gonna be perfect book for parenting! All this while I was just reading through Internet, which is not that much and quite hassle as you need few webpages to refer to different2 guide/reference. However, there is a setback of this book, it's toooo informative that the fonts are too small, for me.

I also got another version of this book for the pregnancy, so that was one of the reason why I knew beforehand that this is a perfect book that I've been looking for. Sadly in KK there's no Kinokuniya or Borders (when I'm in KL I don't go to bookshops but to Isetan, M&S, etc.. Hehe)

I've started reading the book since last night and I've realized that there were many things that I didn't do right as parent.*sigh* But there were also things that I am proud of myself, smiling while reading the book. Hehe. Being a parent is not easy, eh? Especially when you are working and get stressed out at work and sometimes tend to pass it to your child. *bad..bad* Even worst, as a single parent. It takes a lot of sacrifice, patience & courage. Alhamdulillah, so far I managed to go through few occasions when Ilham is grumpy or showing tantrum when Hubby's not around. But it's always even better to have him around. :)

Anyway, I would highly recommend this book to all the parents out there. I shall write more on this later. ;)

Oh, the plane is about to landing. C ya!

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~ez~ said...

yeah..kena share pengalaman akak tu..hehe..

~Mrs Fred~ said...

Ez.. Find the book for babies..Ada jgk tau.. Hehe.. Byk sgt if share dlm ni, just imagine buku tu punya kecik font, dah tu satu page 2 column.. Hehe.. Tp ok je, next time akak share, insyaAllah...;)

Mommy Lyna said...

buku ni sgt padat tp bosan gila sbb tulisan kecik2 hehehe. laku kubaca MOTHER OF ALL XXX BOOK je :P

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