Thursday, July 28, 2011

At T W O


At 2 years 2 months, Ilham's progressing quite well, except that the vocal that is still lacking. Pelat. Here's example of my conversation with him:-

Me: Mummy's going to work tomorrow, by airplane. U want to follow mummy?
Ilham: Fowwow (follow). Takuk (takut) airpene (airplane).

Me: u r going to school tomorrow, what are friends name n teacher's name?
Ilham: Adang (Adam), Mimi (Syahmi), Tenny (Fenny-teacher)

Me: Let's go, we are going out.
Ilham: We go, switch off tv (he will switch off the tv)

Me: where's ur daddy?
Ilham: york (work)

So the list goes on. 4 words is kinda hard for him to pronounce clearly. Example:-
Supermarket = a a a ket
Avocado = a a ca do

His teacher also advise us to have more conversation with Ilham n talk to him always. I think we did that, maybe it's not that enough. Yelah, when Hubby's not around, if I do the talking with him all the time, bila masa lah nak buat keje rumah, makan lagi, etc. Tu pun nasib baik dpt mkn. Huhu.

That's why I'm telling you, raising a child need both parents to br around. Unfortunately, that's not for my situation. But luckily alhamdulillah, Hubby will fully utilize his 2 weeks off days with our boy.

Now Hubby is thinking if working onshore, coz he don't wanna miss to see his child growing up! ;)

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rafaliah said...

Assalam..fizza, tips..time buat keja rumah tu kan, ajak dia tolong sama, then sambil2 tu, kau cakap2 dgn dia..cth mcm kemas2 ruang tamu tu, kau mntk tolong dia buangkan sampah ke, tidy up his toys ke..sambil2 tu cakap2 dgn dia..irfan dulu pun cakap tk terus, tp lama2 buat camtu, skang ni dah boleh ckp terus fact ayah irfan pun tak selalu ada dgn kami..:-)cuba dan bykkan bersabar, inshaALLAH ada hasilnya..all the best

~Mrs Fred~ said...

ws.. thanks Lia, tu lah yg aku buat time weekend.. if hari2 biasa, dia jenis tido awal, kul 7 dah tido.. hehe..

tp no pressure on him, as long as he understands.. huhu..ala, at least husband ko ada jugak dekat2.. hehe.. aku ni 2 minggu confirm dah tak jumpa daddy nyer.. ;)

sha said...

I think u have done great!. Budak 2 years pelat tu rasanye normal just keep on talking to him Insya Allah boleh hilang as he grows. U have no idea how pelat Ryann dulu2, now sangat petah and clear x larat nak layan hehe

~Mrs Fred~ said...

Hi Sha,

Thanks! Yeah, no pressure. As long as he understood what are we saying then shouldn't be that bad at all. ;)

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