Friday, September 16, 2011

2011 birthday gift


This Monday will be my 31st birthday, oh well, I still look young though, the numbers does not matter. Hehe.

But alhamdulillah syukur, Allah has rewarded me the 2nd best birthday gift ever. The 1st one when I knew that I was pregnant for the first time with Naufal and now, well, the picture speaks thousand words! (sorry gambar agak x sesuai- dlm toilet coz Naufal was sleeping n had to use the toilet light for a clearer picture.. lol!)

I was overhelmed, excited and nervous, a mix feeling I would say. Hubby was even more excited and thankful and had already started thinking about names (yeahh, thats a bit too fast, isn't it??!)

Anyway, sgt bersyukur n really looking forward for this pregnancy journey. I hope Allah ease everything for me coz I had a feeling that this time around is different as before coz I'm having a nausea and extreme fatigue. Huhu. Sib baik xde muntah. Mcm pening2 je lebih.

So, pray for me and the baby. I know that it's kinda too early to announce this but I just couldn't help it! Hehe.. But I didn't tell anyone in the office yet. Sshhhh..


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SHiK's_DaUs's said...

ima....... congrats dear!!!! looking forward your new family member soon insya allah. take care. Jangan keja teruk2 sangat ye...

~Mrs Fred~ said...

Shik, thank you!! Tulah, awal2 dah risau pasal keje coz this year mmg byk sgt project.. Huhu..'mmg Allah nak duga..'

rafaliah said...

fizza...!! tahniahh..!! bestnyaaaa...take care tau..(^_^)

~Mrs Fred~ said...

Lia, thanks!! X sangka gak sebenarnya, dah lama tunggu.. Alhamdulillah skrang baru Ada rezeki.. Huhu

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