Wednesday, September 21, 2011



I am currently sitting on my bed while hubby n Naufal are outside the room, with the door closed. I just don't want anybody near me at the moment. I've been too stress lately, too much work in the office, chasing the contractors for update like crazy, reports are piling up on my table, too much traveling and too many meetings that I obviously haven't got myself a decent time to review & finalize all the reports! *sigh*

OK, that sounds really heavy. Or is it maybe the pregnancy hormon?

Anyway, we went to clinic yesterday to have further check up and guess what, the ultrasound couldn't detect anything inside my womb. So I was like, uh, maybe I was wrong or the test kit was lying. Then doc took my urine and did the pregnancy test kitagain for 2nd time and she said it was positive, but we need to come again in a month time to scan. That was pretty weird, coz last time when we went to clinic (other clinic) for first time, the doc didn't scan coz she said it was too early to see anything but she gave all the medication and vitamins for pregnancy.

Oh, maybe I was wrong. I even have thought that the doctor was trying to say that I am only imagining myself being pregnant.

So, for now I cannot declare myself as pregnant, until next month. How sad!

I want to shoot myself now and feels like playing futsal, how is that?


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zurahimi muslim said...

tak nampak lagi kot nanti nampak a tu.
btw keje yg tak perlu ie audit la apela sgt mengganngu keje kan? benci

~Mrs Fred~ said...

Maybe lah kot, insyaAllah ada nanti kot.. Tp doc tu ckp as if cam aku ni berangan nak pregnant lak..tension aku..

Pastu dah 2 hari dah x leh nak buat keje..meeting je layan org yg bukan2.. Malas n stress aku.. Report aku dah nak dekat 10 dah..uwaa..

Nak jgk nasi lemak kerang!

~ez~ said...

sabar ye akak yg comel..hehe

insyaallah ada baby tu dlm perut..

suh hubby beli avocado juice cepat..akak suka tu kan..futsal2 xmao main dulu ye..hehe

pape pon take care.. :)

rafaliah said...

urine test +ve doc tu boleh ckp camtu lak..aku rs dia taknak kau mengharap dulu..inshaALLAH, ada dah kt lam doc tu tak pandai nak tgk..?eish musykil aku..btw, urine test kit tu 99.9% reliable tau..:-)

~Mrs Fred~ said...


TQ,maybe terlebih sensitif plak. hehe. ntahlah, tension sgt, keje byk sgt. huhu.

yezz.avocado.. kalai ni x tahu lah craving apa plak. 'Aisy sihat dah ke..

kannn!!! itulah aku pun pelik.. ntah biarlah, malas nak fikir.. tp mmg series tak nampak, ni mmg pakar ultrasound yg scan... huhu. suspen jugaklah

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