Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back to norm


So today Hubby's gone back to offshore. With the strong wind and bad weather since last night, I praying hard that Allah will ease their journey with the chopper. It even took me almost one hour to arrive office, after sending him to the airport and Naufal to school. Coz byk sgt pokok tumbang. Alhamdulillah, made it safely to the office, without any unwanted incidents.

Anyway, yesterday was my parents flight back to KL. So, today onwards I am all alone with Naufal until the next 14days. Its gonna be tough, but I know, insyaAllah I'll get through it. With the nausea and extreme fatigue that I'm experiencing now, it's a bit different from the first pregnancy. Maybe now due to the heavy workloads and adhoc request so I'm kinda feeling stress in the office.

Well, I totally deserve a big break. Can't wait for the next trip in November!



zurahimi muslim said...

Hk best! Slamat enjoy

~Mrs Fred~ said...

Tulah..x sabar ni.. Before pergi byk keje lak nak settlekan..

sha said...

Akak! Congratz!!!!

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