Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our precious


Alhamdulillah, it is confirmed now. Syukur, that nothing unusual happened to our new little precious. The reason why I'm saying this was because we need to scan three times then only the Doctor said that it's confirmed! A bit weird though, coz if based on my last menstrual date the EDD shall be on 22 May 2012 and I'm now on my 8th week. But now based on the measurement looks like the baby is only +/-5 weeks old my EDD will be insyaAllah on 12 June 2012. No wonder the first time we scanned two weeks ago we couldn't see anything. Well, only Allah knows best. As long as the baby is healthy we are more than grateful.

Anyway, now I'm feeling much better, no more nausea or headache but I admit I sometimes tend to forget to take my meal or fill up myself coz I was so occupied with work. Pity baby. I can't afford to stay calm & relax while reports are piling up on the table and furthermore it's gonna be year end very soon. So, selalu sgt doa to Allah semoga sihat selalu n safeguard us from any bad things to happen.

Next week I'll be spending the whole week at site for my project in Labuan. Hope the coverall still fits me..haha which I so think NO. Lots of vitamins (Obimin, B,C,E, ESP & Mealshake) to bring along, so I won't be dehydrated karang pengsan susah plak contractor. Thanks to my Shaklee distributor..hehe..sempat lg promote (mama

Okie dokie, hubby is back home now. We have started thinking of names. Haha. Well, if you know me.

Bye, pray for me & baby. Wassalam.

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Anonymous said...

alhamdulillah... if dah rezeki.. tak kemana beb... Beb.. jgn lasak sangat...especialy kat site tu..lgpun 3 bulan pertama ko faham2 lah yye.. kene jaga2.even sampai 6bulan pun.... (cewah.. aku lak yg risau ni.hikhik)... report byk2 tu biar fairuz buat..hahha

zurahimi muslim said...

Aku 7 minggu panjat air fin cooler. 5 bulan masuk tank and boiler! Huhu. Bakal engineer la kot hannani ni. Btw betul la Bawah 3 bulan kene hati2.

~Mrs Fred~ said...


TQ for the concern,..insyaAllah aku beringat2 jugak ni.. hehe


weh.. aku ni kan 8 weeks dah mcm 4 bulan pregnant (boleh tak ko imagine kalau dah 5 bulan camne..) haha.. confirm coverall tak muat

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