Sunday, October 16, 2011

Picky Eater


I'm traveling again to KL. For this month I think I've been traveling quite often, in fact almost every week! It's very tiring indeed, but it's a job requirement, can't do much about it. Since I can't go offshore, so I'm keeping myself busy with a lot of studies which requires me to travel for discussion in KL office.

Anyway, my boy has been losing weight lately. He's a picky eater, I mean a really hardcore ones! It doesn't worry us that much since his weight is still ok and above average for a 28 months toddler. However, for the past weeks he got fever, flu & a weird sound of cough. Maybe it's too much traveling for him and change of environment. The big problem now is he's not eating any proper meal at all. Before this he used to eat cereal + milk for bfast, cookies for snack in between bfast + lunch, bread / yogurt + fruit for lunch.. Or sometimes macaroni.. Then for dinner another bread with strawberry jam again. Yes, he does NOT eat rice!! Sedih! Or any other decent food like fish or chicken.

My boy 3 weeks ago

Now it's getting worse, he only eat cookies/ biscuits. So that makes his throat swelling and reddish. He also refuses milk lately. I've read and refer to many books n doctors already..'Ada yg suh paksa, Ada yg said let it change naturally, there's no point forcing your toddler to eat. I've tried the fun way, but still doesn't work. Kat nursery pun sama gak. Sometimes I have to threaten him tau.. Yesterday I made a Belgian waffle for him and he loved it! So new menu in the list tapi still don't solve the problem. We have all sorts of vitamins and supplement for him tapi he keep asking for milk n biscuit je.'*duhh*

3 days ago

So I give up. Anyone had experience with a picky eater toddler or can suggest a special paed or dietary specialist which we could refer to?

Taken in June 2011.. I want my chubby boy back!! Uwaaa
Bye for now.

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~ez~ said...

wow! patutnya kita2 ni yang diet menu cam naufal ni..hehe..leh la try ikut menu dia tuk slim. siannya dia mmg xnah makan nasi lgsung ke? bubur pun xnah ek?masa dia da leh mkn tu akak xde try bg bubur? huhu..

~Mrs Fred~ said...

dia mmg x makan nasi langsung or bubur since balik dari UK dulu.. x tau lah kenapa..maybe masa tu kitaorg pun xde bagi bubur, so balik je dia dah tak nak.. before tu dia xde problem makan pun, byk lagi dia makan.. huhu.. sedih2.. so sampai skrang tak mkn.. dia cuma makan roti, biscuit, yogurt, macaroni, fruits. skrang ada list baru lagi, yogurt. yg lain x pernah makan.

rafaliah said...

alar..sygnya naufal..mommy naufal pandai masak taw, rugi naufal tak makan byk2..(hehe..)..1 thg, maybe sbb byk travel..letih n sbb dia tau nak dpt adik..nk manja lebih skit kut..hhmm..

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