Sunday, April 19, 2009



This is hard for me.. Another shocking news I received about my family in Kuching, after Subuh.
Allahyarham Pak Arshad telah kembali ke rahmahtullah at 4.30am this morning. He was my 'bapak angkat' in Kuching when I studied there. I was too speechless when I heard the news and it was even harder when I knew that I could not be there for the funeral. If I'm not in my 35weeks I would immediately fly myself to Kuching today. But of course hubby won't allow, as Im heavily pregnant. So I broke into tears while still lying on the bed, trying to get over the leg cramps as well. There's nothing I can do, though. Terus called hubby at offshore and I couldnt speak at first, he knew I was crying from the moment I said hello. Sorry cayang to make you cemas jer pagi ni, coz he thought I sakit perut, or sakit takleh nak bgn tido or anything related to pregnancy.

~ My family in Swak, with my friends Ima & As during our trip in 2004. Arwah pakcik is on the right and arwah makcik yg pakai baju merah..~

I called Kak Siti (anak arwah and also my sis - dah mcm kakak sendiri) and the moment she heard my voice she cried and so was I. I just don't know what to say and I said sorry coz I wont be able to be there for her. Last year, when arwah makcik passed away (read this post), I took the next available flight to Kuching as soon as I heard the news and was there for 5 days. In Swak, the kenduri tahlil untuk arwah is 7 hari, 7 malam. Tp tak sempat jumpa, dah kebumi dah coz my flight delayed.

I can imagine how hard it is for Kak Siti to handle everything, being the only daugther. Luckily Abg Yan (her husband) and her sons are grown up enough to help her. Tau2 je lah, even though ada sister in laws, but tak membantu sgt pun. Kesian K Siti sorang2 je nanti nak berkemas.

Me and my parents recently did talk about paying a visit to arwah sometime later in July, after Ilham is born. Tapi Allah lebih menyayangi dia, terkilan sgt. Just like what happened to arwah makcik last year, dia tak sempat nak jumpa hubby.

The last time I met arwah pakcik was during last Ramadhan. I still remember the last words he said - InsyaAllah panjang umur jumpa lagi, tp the way he said that was different, as if itulah pertemuan terakhir..


Marilah kita sama-sama sedekahkan Al-Fatihah dan mendoakan agar Allahyarham dicucuri rahmat & ditempatkan di sisi org2 beriman dan soleh.. Amin..

Daripada-Nya kita datang, kepada-Nya jua kita kembali....



^ez^ said...

al-fatihah..semoga arwah ditempatkan dikalangan orng yang beriman..

akak,nk tanya la.akak amik masa berapa lama nk terima hubby after break?just nk tau.ez tgh miserable la.camne nk overcome benda2 ni..huhuhu..tgk my brother kawen terus rasa sebak sangat..huhuhu

~Mrs Fred~ said...

Ameen..thanks ez..

ez..nanti akak email kehh.. :) kalau ez nak ym pun boleh.. add akak kat

^ez^ said...

okay..ez da add akak.nnt accept la email ez..

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