Thursday, April 16, 2009

Juice & pain


Nyeh..nyeh.. I successfully drove myself to the best fruit juice stall in town and got this...

ahaa.. the avocados juice! See, by the time I reached home, I've already drank half of it! Hehe..

For dinner I had 2 sets (4 slices of gardenia bread, fresh from KL - thanks tu Kujai..hehe) of tuna sandwiches with cheese *yumm..yumm..* Lately I tend to eat in a small amount, but frequently - almost every hour mesti nak nguyah.. So I ate less rice, but more to bread, crackers, tempe.. huhu..

This morning I arrived late at office, again. Last nite was a hell sleeping trouble for me. Asyik terjaga, at 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, dah kul 5am baru bleh tido. Plus, I've been feeling pain at the pubic bones (I think that's the right name for it - thanks to google..hee) since 3 days ago. So it is very difficult and painful to wake up or move while sleeping. Last night I was mengerang kesakitan sorang2. I almost thought that I won't be able to get out of bed and actually had to roll out of bed! The pain is the worst in the morning, lepas bgn tido but then alhamdulillah become less after 5 -15 minutes walking. But I'm telling ya, the first 5 mins is a nightmare! So lepas balik keje ptg tadi tido jap, luckily hubby called just before Maghrib, if tak sure terlajak punya.

Tp apa nak buat, sabar je lah kan, especially when hubby's not around. Nak pakai seluar pun mmg seksa sekarang, if dia ada dia yg tolong pakaikan.. haha.. mcm baby laks.

Hubby is still working, kena overtime tonight so tak sempat nak borak lama2 tadi. Tu pasal lah boring and terus kuar gi beli juice. Dia bising if kuar drive sorang malam2 tp I could not help myself craving for the juice. Hehe.

Oklah. Need some water to cool down my body temperature. Panas tul.

Babai. Esok ada away day at Sutera Harbour resort for our department for KPI setting..Yey! :)


^ez^ said...

salam akak,

sedap ke jus tu?? hehehe

adeeh..susah ek ngandung ni?takut plak ez dgr..hihihi..

~Mrs Fred~ said...

Ws ^ez^

ishh..ishh..sedap tauu!! kena try dulu. mesti nak lagi..

btw, taklah susah pregnant.. best jugakk.. hehe.. tgk org lah.. akak alhamdulillah awal2 hari tu mmg takde sickness.. dah last2 ni jer.. maybe sebab baby besar sket kot, takpun akak yg dah gemuk sgt.. haha..

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