Tuesday, April 14, 2009

expect the unexpected


Ah.. its Tuesday still. Long way to go before hubby comes home. Luckily I'm quite occupied lately in the office, or else I would be calling him every now and then. But hubby seems busy with his dart training - apparently he was selected for the B0rn30 games which will be held in Miri this year. How sad that I wont be able to join (obviously) and this year we have netball for the ladies!! Geramnyaa!! The past 2 years volleyball jer, alih2 thn ni lah they've decided to rotate netball & volleyball. Not to worry, I'll make sure I'll play netball in 2010. haha.

Anyways, we are almost done in the baby-mother's stuff. As the date is getting closer and closer, I could hardly sleep at night and become a zombie at office. Especially when hubby's not around, the leg cramps which I'm getting almost every night now, including the needs to urinate every 2 hours and the backache. If hubby ada boleh jugaklah tolong urut kaki masa tgh cramp (saja nak manja2..heee) Ni sorang2 tahan je lah. Tak ke haru.. huhu.. Ah, everything seems uncomfortable now, but alhamdulillah, still boleh manage lagi. Kalau tak, camne nak drive gi keje kan.

As I said previously that this month is definitely our totally-broke-month. With the new house, getting a baby next month, everyting in one shot and I recently bought online a medela FS breastpump which only-god-knows how much it costs. Huhu. I think that was the most expensive thing that we bought for the baby-mother's stuff. But no regret, insyaAllah, I'm planning to exclusively BF Ilham later. *pray..*pray.. So you are actually investing on a CAPEX which the payback period is less than one year. (mentang2 baru buat budget consolidation kat opis, pardon me for the finance terms.. hehe)

InsyaAllah by end of this month dah boleh dpt the breastpump. Yey!

Oklah, I'm going to bed now. Sambung lagi ek esok2..

Take care!


zurahimi muslim said...

Gudlak 4 bfeeding exclusively..sgt2 byk benefitnye to baby n mommy..wolopon aku x exclusive tp lepas balik keje no more FM for baby.so agak save la xyah bli susu byk2. n mommy boleh kurus too!!breast pump ko bli tu is a good investment...

~Mrs Fred~ said...


thanks.. itulah selalu dgr citer org byk dugaan jugak nak BF exclusively.. tp tgk ko maintain jer.. OK aa kan..hehe.. janji rock.. haha..

yg penting boleh kurus jugak.. hehe..

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