Saturday, April 11, 2009

16 already??


Thanks to the free wireless connection. huhu. I'm watching AF while blogging. Just got back from a friend's house warming and kenduri doa selamat. Ilham was actively kicking masa I tgh makan, so I didnt had that much, which is good in a way coz doctor pun dah warning, suruh reduce makan coz I have gain 16kg (saja pakai transparent color..hehe) to date! (OMG, that is so freaking me out!) But hubby always said, 'Takpe2, lepas bersalin you can workout and play futsal everyday..'

So I did a post mortem, what have I been eating throughout the pregnancy and I came out with these.....

1. The most favourite and can't miss

Avocado juice! Its definitely a must have juice at least once a week. If hubby's around, we'll go to Tg Aru and order a big mug of avocado juice just for myself. If I can recall, hubby was the one who introduced this drink to me while we were still dating. He also loves avocado, just like my MIL coz the fruit is famous in Philippines. (My MIL is from Philippines).

Ever since then, I will normally order avocado juice everytime we dine outside. But, since I got pregnant, I really crave bout this drink (the only thing that wanted to have badly!). Luckily kat KK ni senang nak cari juice ni.

So I googled to read more bout avocados. The first few paragraphs was telling all the impressive nutrients in avocados. But then, its high in calories if terlebih amik. Tp still, I dont agree. I dont think this drink has contributed extra kilos for me. haha. Read more here - avocados

2. Fresh Milk

Aha! Awal2 pregnancy dulu I cannot start my morning without having this with cereal or just like that. FYI this brand is only available in Sabah. Once you open the milk carton, you need to consume it within 1-2 days or else it will become sour. Maybe it has less preservatives, which is good and also bad. Good coz its fresher, bad of courselah sebab kena habiskan in one go.

And that explains why. hehe. Tp now I drink less fresh milk, during early pregnancy jer tiap2 hari nak kena minum. Huhu.

3. Bread!
Ha.. ni jgn tak tahu, kekadang 1 hari boleh habis satu bungkus. But too bad, in Sabah ni roti ni tak sama lembut cam kat Semenanjung. So last time when I used to travel to KL mesti beli at least 2 buku. haha. Sekarang dah tak travel lagi, but pesan jer kat kengkawan.

Usually I'll make tuna sandwich using my sandwich maker tu and letak cheese + butter waaa.. sedapnya.. I seldom have rice when hubby's not around, so this will be my dinner.

4. Tempe Ni lagi satu pelik lah, I dont usually fancy tempe or purposely beli for lunch or dinner. But lately ni, mesti nak ada tempe, goreng pastu makan sambil tgk tv. Sometimes I just had tempe + rice + sup sayur jer for my dinner.

5. Fuji Apples

Seriously, I will have at least one a day. Its every crispy and juicy! Tp in Sabah, this type of apple is quite pricy, so dulu bila balik KL beli byk2 siap2. However now, I have no choice, but to buy at the supermarket in my area.

6. My only supplement - NatureCare Berry Gen

My mother forced me to take this as a part of my supplement. Since she is a Tupperware agent, so I got it at a discounted price. I think coz when I first got pregnant, I always looked pale and tired throughout the day. Tp alhamdulillah, after 2 weeks I could see the difference, even hubby pun perasan jugak. :p Dulu cam lemah2 jer and selalu kena flu but then now dah takde lagi dah. Tak caya cuba try. InsyaAllah berkesan. Rasa dia mcm2 air ribena + strawberry.. sedap!! hehe

If you are interested, you can read more here - Berry Gen and here Berry Gen2

See, its a balanced diet kan! But I think maybe terlebih kot.. haha.. Now, quaker oat is number one list as my breakfast or bila2 time lapar. Next 2 weeks will be my next check-up, nanti doc bising lagi..hehe.. And me also dah tak larat nak jalan bila perut dah besar ni, so I dont want to add extra kilos no more.

Oklah. Its time to sleep now. We'll have update later keh. Have a nice Sunday!


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