Friday, April 24, 2009

they knew


Uh. The last update was on Sunday right. Coz the next day I didnt get the 'free' wireless internet no more. I think they knew. So that's explain why there's no update since Monday. Blame the connection. hehe.

Now I'm back to the old internet connection yg kununnya 'the power is in my hand'. Bear with me, I can't promise that I'll update everyday, but at least once a week boleh kot.

OKlah, tak leh nak update panjang2. Need to go to bed early, hubby is participating in the Tilawah Al-Quran tomorrow so kena tidur awal. He will not sleep unless I also go to bed...hehe. Lagipun dia tgh nak menghafal ayat2, so its good for Ilham to hear his daddy recites.

Doakan esok semua berjalan dgn lancar and hubby boleh jawab soalan hafazan esok, insyaAllah.

More updates later, keh. No promises though. huhu.

Have a nice weekend!

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