Friday, February 22, 2008



This may not be the best news on earth, but it shocked me and everyone else.

Almarhummah Bonda Dayang Juita passed away on Tuesday, 19 Feb 2008. She was my 'mak angkat' in Kuching when I studied there. She left us without any notice, unexpectedly. Arwah tak sakit pun, in fact meninggal dalam tidur but doc said maybe she had something with her paru-paru. Not asma, sesak nafas kot. God knows.

I was in pasar besar KK, accompanying my family members buying all seafood stuff to bring back home when I received a call from Kuching around 9.30am. Speechless, shocked and dont know what to do next. So bila dah ok sikit baru I could think of flying to Kuching immediately. Next mintak tlg my housemate call airasia then I rushed to pack my clothes. Luckily still ada seat available on 1.15pm flight. My family punya flight balik was 2.00pm to KL. My hubby dah naik offshore so I went to Kuching alone. :(

The moment I arrived here arwah tgh dikebumikan. They did not wait any longer coz dah nak hujan lebat. From airport terus pergi kubur. Terkilan jugak, coz I was supposed to come here masa raya lepas, tp cancel coz my hubby couldnt come and we have to sent his mother off. The night before she passed away, kitaorang dah beli tiket nak pergi sini, arwah nak sgt tgk my husband, me myself tak sempat nak kirim gambar pun coz busy sgt with our receptions.

Anyway, Allah lebih sayangkan arwah dan semoga arwah ditempatkan dalam golongan org2 yg solehah.

True it is, setiap kegembiraan pasti akan terselit kedukaan.


Kuching, Swak.

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