Friday, March 14, 2008


Dear readers. Sorry, I've been quite out of touch here. Lots, lots of things happen during end of February & early March which drives me crazy.

I really miss blogging.

Anyways, we have moved in to a new house. Which is so 'far' from my the house that I rented with my friends previously, just next door. haha. So basically now I got 2 houses. My stuff still ada lagi kat rumah lama, coz still takde time nak pindah randah 100%. The best part is, the wireless connection is excellent! huhu. Tak yah susah2 nak apply streamyx, share ngan korang jer lah ek.. hehe..

OK, I just remembered that I have a training to attend at Level 3. So, I'll stop here, but insyaAllah, nanti sambung keh.

Till then, have a nice weekend. Taa..

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