Monday, March 17, 2008

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My intention today is to share a few pics on my nikah & malam berinai here. Tp my husband bawak hard disk gi offshore, nak share with his friends at platform.

In addition, I would also like to tell you my tragic story before the solemnization. Seriously, no joking. haha. I think my friend As knew. So memandangkan tak dpt nak share pics here, I'll save it for next time lah kan. Huhu.

Its his crew change today, so I woke up d**m early to prepare the breakfast and get dress for work. The flight was at 0640hrs, so you can do a simple mathematic here to estimate when do we need to wake up kan. Swipe card pun awal hari ni.. Anyway, I have to be alone for 2 weeks again. Tp come to think of it, I kinda like this situation, where for 2 weeks I will be working effectively and can stay ofis till late nite, no cooking, bgn lewat, gi outstation, trainings.. So you see, tak terasa pun.. If he's here I'll swipe out as early as 4.30pm, malam prepare dinner, bgn awal nak siapkan breakfast and do laundry and balik rumah for lunch.. However, my dearest hubby jenis tak kisah.. makan apa jer tolak kayu + batu + taugeh +kuew tiau (Oh! that is so my fav food!!)..

I'm still in the midst of adjusting myself with the new life (timetable, to be exact). Rumah pun tak habis kemas, tgh survey2 furniture ( you know me, kalau boleh semua barang nak beli kat Ik*a, fanatic shopper..haha.. pening husband. Tp surprisingly kat town ada satu kedai jual barang2 ik*a.. exactly!! tp dia mark up price dalam 30%! agak mahal lah jugak kan.. if yg kecik2 possible nak bawak naik flight, I would prefer to do that instead.

Oklah. mata dah kuyu ni. Tomorrow ada big event and will be a very busy day. Taa!!

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