Friday, August 09, 2013

Post Pregnancy Update

Assalamualaikum. Syukran, alhamdulillah. I have safely delivered a baby boy weighted 2.6kg at 9.14am on 7th August 2013.

Take a breath, it's gonna be a long overdue update. Well, as a start lets rewind back to what actually happened before the delivery.

It all started on the 1st day of Ramadhan, how could I forget. Hubby was at offshore and I had my sahur and then took a nap before going to work. When I woke up for shower, I saw my pants was having red/brownish colour stain like a period. Ya Allah, I was so freaking nervous, as I am still 33 weeks. I didn't rush to hospital coz I thought probably need to wait first and see whether the bleeding stops, coz I googled and they mentioned that painless bleeding or spotting is normal for placenta previa. 

So I went to office, sent Naufal to school and every 30mins went to toilet and check whether got any spotting. I think after 3 hours then it started to bleed again. I drove myself to emergency and they monitor the CTG and thank Allah, it was ok and normal. But doctor decided that I need to be warded and under observation for one night and he gave me MC for 1 week. So I had to call my parents back up and they took the next available flight to KK. A bit difficult for hubby to come back as there was no boat available to shore.

Ok, here comes the 2nd bleeding series. A week later, when were having buka puasa at the hotel, I was bleeding like period. This time it was heavier than the 1st one. I didn't wanna inform hubby earlier coz I know it will spoil everybody's mood to eat. 
So I waited until we arrived home. As soon as we arrived home, I said to hubby that we need to pack my things and rush to the hospital. He was panicked when he saw the amount of blood and I was still bleeding when we were back home. And yes, I spent another night in the hospital. Syukur, baby is still healthy or else I might ended up in operation. I was only 34 weeks, still.

Well, the 3rd bleeding was the peak of all event. It was on 28th Ramadhan, 6th August. Non stop bleeding with some blood clot came out. Ok, it was scary! But I just had to finish my last nasi beriyani before going to hospital. Then we rushed to SMC and doctor came to check on me and he said he would prefer to do it the next morning but if the baby's condition not good that we might have to do it tonight.So, hold on baby, for at least 12hours. Hubby spent his night at the hospital too and we were anxiously waiting for sun to rise, praying hard that nothing serious will happen. We recited surah Maryam n Yassin all night long, hoping that Allah will ease everything for us.

The next morning, sharp at 8am I was pushed to the operation theatre. It was emotional for me, afraid that something could be wrong to the baby. At that point of time, mmg berserah n tawakal segalanya to Allah.

In the OT room, doctor had explained what could be the worst case happened to me and there is very unlikely that we would be able to get the stem cell blood of the baby. Doc said, he would save my life if there's any complication occurred and he also explained that my uterus may need to be removed, too in case of any bleeding.

Oh Allah, would you, want to hear that just a minute prior to the OT? So I started to selawat and recite my doa, I asked for forgiveness from hubby for all my wrongdoing all this while and then the operation started. It was so silence in the OT that you can hear the sound of pin dropped. 

But alhamdulillah, Allah the most merciful had ease the journey,  doctor keep on saying so far so good. Until doctor asked me - where's the baby's head during the last scan? Oh apekah?? He couldn't find the baby's head. Then in turned out that the baby somehow did somersault and his head turned upside down. You might be wondering why the doctor couldn't see the baby coz when the tummy was cut, the placenta is on top of the baby. So he had to korek underneath the placenta and soon I heard doctor said "Hi"! But I couldn't hear baby's crying! 

Alhamdulillah, few mins later doctor showed the baby to us and he was reddish, so tiny compared to Naufal and also so hairy. haha. Then hubby as usual azan the baby and that was the last thing i remembered. I was then unconscious and when I opened my eyes I was already out from the OT and pushed back to room.

So that was how it ended. Of course the pain just started until I don't even bother to hold the baby or breast feed. I just needed time for myself to overcome the trauma and pain and the midwife also said its ok, don't push yourself too hard, take your time to breasfeed.

The next day, baru lah start to breastfeed and it was the best feeling ever (with some tears came out coz it was painful when he first started to latch). Alhamdulillah, Allah grant us the easy path and no complication at all as what doctor had expected.

Tadaa!! Fresh from oven, Nafees 1st pics.

Ok, let's end it here. I promise to update more later. 

Bye! Xoxo


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nurdihaDiha said...

pink nyaa baby !

Gabriel Choi said...

wow that baby looks really cute

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