Sunday, April 28, 2013

23 weeks


I finally got myself an iPad mini, the iPad 1 is officially Naufal's now. Hehe.

Anyway, alhamdulillah, I'm on my 23 weeks of pregnancy. So far it has not been as smooth as during Naufal's pregnancy, too many things happen and I've also cried so many times. Seems a little bit sensitive this round and I thought I could be a baby girl but its gonna be a boy instead. ;)

Actually, something happened 2 days after we came back from UK. When Naufal woke me up to pee-pee around 5am, I felt something came up from the bottom. My panties was wet as well as my pants. So I was really panicked, but since husband was not around I tried to be calm. After a while the fluid stopped. I couldn't think of anyone that I wanted to seek for help and I waited until 7.00am, immediately sent Naufal to school and I drove straight to my gynae. Unfortunately, my doc was not around until 12 noon, so I was warded and they monitored the baby's heart beat. Then it was confirmed that the baby heart's still ok, so the mid wife asked me whether was it really the amniotic fluid? I said I'm not sure, but I remembered when I had Naufal, it was the water that came out first.

Doc arrived around 1pm so he asked few questions and did ultrasound and finally vagina examination (VE). Ultrasound was ok, he said it couldn't be the amniotic fluid coz everything seems fine, he suspected probably its a fungus infection. Ouchh. I have no idea!

So yes, it was confirmed a fungus or yeast infection. Uh! Alhamdulillah, so glad to hear that. So he gave some cream to put on the itchy area and also pills to be inserted and that is the most uncomfortable part! Hubby already rushed back home from offshore, coz he was so worried when I informed him.

That was why I said this pregnancy is a really tough one. During the early days, it was the brown spotting, then very bad fever n flu all the times, unmanageable stress at work and also about the house renovation in Seremban and recently the infection. So far I only gained 6 kilos! It's pretty cool coz during Naufal's time I already gained like 12-14 kilos at 22 weeks! But as long as the baby growth's is ok nothing much to worry la kan.

May Allah ease this journey, please pray for a safe pregnancy and delivery for me & the baby. Little man, stay strong, OK! Amin.

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