Friday, April 12, 2013

Big Ben, I'm coming!


I'm writing this post while in the plane, going to London! It was super duper last minute, only 4 days (that was on Thursday) notice prior departure and I was freaking out coz my passport will expire within 6 months, which will not allow you to travel overseas.

So I took the morning flight to Seremban on Friday, coz it was a public holiday in Sabah and went straight to imigresen. Luckily my uncle worked there before and I was so lucky that my passport was ready within 1 hours without having to wait. Hehe, I felt sorry for those people who came before me.

Then, we were contemplating whether to bring Naufal along or not. Hubby & Naufal already planned going back KL on Thursday morning, which left me alone to do all the packing, including for Hubby. Coz Hubby went to USM for his lectures until Monday and we only met at airport hotel before flying to London on Tuesday morning. Fuhh, already sounds complicated kan!

Hence, we finally decided not to bring Naufal along. Furthermore, it was just a short trip and for work purposes and testing will be in Manchester, quite a hectic journey if Naufal's around. So Naufal stayed at Seremban with my parents and I think he enjoyed it coz Atuk always buy candies for him!!

So that's my pre-departure story and I am missing him so bad now. Really need to bring him for holidays later, so at least we don't feel guilty leaving him.

Ok gtg now, here comes another meal before we reach London. Btw, I'm gonna gain so much weight in UK coz these are the food that I craved for:

- Gregg's cheese & onion
- lots of walkers chips cheese & onion
- Thai sweet chillies chips
- nachos
- kebab @ Imran's Sheffield
- hot chocolate
- miller's yogurt
- strawberries
- fresh milk
- haloumi cheese
- pecan pastries
- bread

And the list goes on. Hehe.


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