Saturday, March 02, 2013

Back in the kitchen


I didn't realize that I was so emotional in the previous post. Anyway, what past is past and there's NOTHING I could do to change it, but at least I have the guts to tell my boss how I felt. Haha.

So, anyways.. Hubby is now back onshore and I'm putting back my chef hat and I'll go back home as early as 4.30pm.

Hubby as usual requested for masak lomak cili api as the 1st dish at home. hehe. Tonight I've cooked daging, I couldn't recalled how much I put the cili padi but when we were having dinner Hubby was sweating, for the 1st time. Well, he asked for it, kasi pedas sikit, so I did put more than usual.

Sorry cayang, lets neutralized back by having fish soup tomorrow. hehe.

Well, this is the most satisfying job ever. :p

On the other hand, my check up with ObGynae is now bi-weekly. Alhamdulillah, I'm now on my 14 weeks, 2 days. Doc started to provide me with Obimin pluz & calcium. God knows how big the tablets are and I feel like throwing out few seconds after I swallowed them. I didnt take anything else other than what Doc had prescribed me. Even my mealshake or ESP.

So far the growth looks good and on track, alhamdulillah. Only Allah knows how I really feel during this pregnancy. After 2 miscarriages, I got a mixed feeling whether I will be able to make it until 40 weeks. Its a scary thing and traumatic for me, but insyaAllah, I know I'll be good in Allah's hand. Think positive and never has doubt in whatever Allah has plan for us.

Surah An'am: " He knows all that lies beyond the reach of human perception as well as all that is visible to man; He is the All-Wise, the All-Aware.."

May Allah ease this pregnancy journey! Amin.

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