Tuesday, February 26, 2013



Apologize for the delay update, life has been hectic as a driver so far. Hehe.

Anyway, last Saturday was our 4th wedding anniversary. But so sad, Hubby's not around. Or else we could have been spending it somewhere cox we already bought a ticket back to KL from 30th Jan until 5th Feb. unfortunately he had exams and lectures at USM Penang and I myself is not allowed to travel until I'm 30 weeks. Sad.

Nevertheless, I had managed to plan it somewhere else. Well, KK is not bad as well so I booked us at a resort in Kundasang. It will be the best place for hubby to relax his mind and body after the hectic 3 weeks lectures and exams. The view is magnificent and it's gonna be cold as well. So ok lah kan, far from the busy town and Naufal also loves going to Kundasang.

So, here's to my super hubby, superdad and bestfriend, alhamdulilah for the great life for all those years and insyaAllah more to come. I love you and Naufal my manja boy so much.

Oklah, the rest should keep it secret. Hehe.

Pray for us. TQ!

@Helideck 2008 just married - 1st tempat dating..hehe

2009 - 8 months pregnant

2009 raya, after Naufal was born

2010 @ kundasang

Here's the latest 2012 Korea Trip.

Oh now I've realized that we don't have a picture together yet for this year. Gonna snap a lot later.


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