Friday, February 08, 2013

Anniversary Trip


Oh, unfortunately we had to cancel our trip to Kundasang coz my doc advised not to. Well, not only doctor, my parents and hubby also couldn't agree more.

So, to avoid frustration, I have managed to book quite a deal for a last minute booking at one of the resort in KK. Not really in KK lah but not that far pun.

And here we are, Nexus Karambunai Resort. The last time I had event here was in 2008. I would prefer Shangri La instead but since it was too expensive, I mean like wayyy too pricey - they said its due to the CNY. Well, your room still remain the same so what's up with the pricey??!!

More pictures to come. Hehe.

Hope it's gonna be a blissful getaway, insyaAllah. ;)

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