Thursday, January 31, 2013



I'm back, alhamdulillah finally fully recovered from the sickness. Feeling much better and healthy now, except for the nausea. Well, can't do much about that anyway.

Hubby still in USM penang, struggling with exams, labs and lectures. I hope he's doing ok. My cheeky Naufal on the other hand is now very2 manja with me. God knows how many times a day he kisses my cheek and hugging me like crazy. So it's kinda hard to send him to school every morning. First question in the morning is - Mommy, am I going to school today? If I answered "No" then he will be like the happiest kid in the world and said " yey, I'm very2 happy.. Yuhuuu" and I was like??

How I wish so hard that I can homeschool him. But I can't. Due to lots of commitment I can't afford to stay at home and let my husband work alone. I love to let him explore the nature, be wild and adventures, bringing him to the playground, island and beaches but can't do that so much now. I'm now very hygiene freak, coz his new school don't allow sick child going to school until FULLY recovered. OK, thats HARD. The weather now is extremely freaking hot, it's windy and with that, it is so easy for a kid to get any kind of virus or fever. I was lucky that when Naufal was so sick the other day my husband is around otherwise there goes my annual leave. Nowadays rotavirus and h1n1 are spreading again, hence I don't wanna take any risk. Pity him, kena stay at home je, the most pun play bicycle. Swimming is also no-no at the moment, better be safe than sorry later.

So, it does break my heart that he can't do a lot of things during school term. I know this wont happen if I'm able to homeschool him and be a full time housewife. That's why now I'm planning for holiday and getaways during school holidays. Time tu nak demam ke batuk ke layan je la. Alhamdulillah he's the type yg seldom get sick, the last time he got flu n fever I pun x igt it could be in October or September even though he was at nursery during that time. I'm so glad and happy with his nursery, it's the best in KK I can say compared to the other places that we went. At least it's clean, so susahlah budak nak dpt virus and they are also quite strict, kalau demam or selsema x boleh hantar. Alhamdulillah, although a bit expensive but worth it la..

Oklah, better get some sleep now. This boy needs my arm now.

Good night!


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