Saturday, January 19, 2013



Oh I have no been feeling very well since the last post hence this blog was in hiatus mode. In fact, I was so sick until I could get up from the bed.

Alhamdulillah, after 4 days of fever, gastric, flu & cough, I have finally recovered, well not fully yet though. But at least it gave me xtra energy to take care my sick boy and I think I got it from him. The whole week he was at home and didn't go to school.

Hubby left for USM Penang this morning so I hope I'm gonna be ok, so glad that my mom is here, at least somebody can cook nice food at home coz I know I won't be cooking if I'm alone. Hehe.

So far, alhamdulillah. Reviews have been OK and looks like the growth is as per EDD. Nothing unusual but my doc said lets not assume anything yet coz remember the last time we lost the baby everything was fine until the next check up when we found out there was no heart beat. I told doctor that I'm quite nervous when its approaching 10 weeks (I'm now 8weeks+). So he said pray hard and DON'T eat, drink, do anything weird. And I asked how weird is weird? Haha. Coz he said all the tests he carried out seems very normal and healthy so nothing is wrong but yet it was mysterious why the recurrent miscarriages. Better be safe, just eat healthily, rest a lot and don't travel far. Even to kundasang. Oh my, that is so depressing. But, what choice do I have now?

Hopefully Allah will protect us and ease my pregnancy journey this time which so far, had been quite tough with all the of sick ness. Doctor also said next time if u got fever come to see him and he will put me in the hospital. Staying at home will takes longer time to recover and of course i got a week MC. Hehe.

Oklah, gotta sleep now. Pray for me, people.

Thanks a lot!


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sha said...

Insya Alla..semoga semua selamat..aminn!

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