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Happy new year bloggers!

Well, today is Naufal's 1st day of school. He was at first pretty excited, woke up early, had his cereal and then enter the school. The actual drama all started when he saw his friends were crying out loud like nobody's business and then only he started getting emosional. Oh, did I tell you that he is so manja with me, he sleeps on my arms every single night!

Anyway, we decided not to stay longer coz we knew it's gonna be harder for him so we left after an hour. It was heartbroken to see him giving me 'that face' so I was also in tears (pregnancy hormone ok! Hehe) When we picked him up, his teacher said he did cry and he also admitted that. He said 'Naufal cry so many times, Naufal said I want mommy and I want to go home'. Shame la you boy! Hehe

That's why I took leave today. I also had appointment with my gynae. I had ultrasound but couldn't see a fetus, only the sac (now I'm worry). Then he said maybe it's still to early and too deep so it's not clear. Or maybe he was saying this to make me feel good? I don't know. See the small hole? That's the sac. Today I'm exactly six weeks, alhamdulillah.

So Doc prescribed me with some medication which he said might help and this is the best we can do and try. I'll be having a detail blood test on Monday, coz I'm now in KL and will need to fast. I knew Doc will say no traveling and I told him that I'm going back to KL at 5.30pm today. Huhu. He'll also issue a letter for that (no traveling) so I was joking that maybe I need a rest or MC? hehe.

I know I shouldn't he traveling but I really néed to go home to sign stuff with the bank. It's the home loan for the house renovation in Seremban. Praying hard that Allah will protect both of us. After twice miscarriages, it's so hard to think positive. I never want it to happen again but it's always this little voice saying what if it happen again.. So I'm getting a bit of phobia of pregnancy.

Basically these are the multivitamins and medication that I consumed everyday. I'll make sure that I don't miss any of it. Doc wanted to prescribe vitamins but I said I still have mine. So he just gave the other 2 pills.

Vitamin E & Omega missed out from this pics. Just sempat grab this 3 (C, B complex & colic acid) je tadi when I was packing.

Progesterone is a hormon pill. So you see how much do I need to swallow everyday? It's like a dozen. But this progesterone is inserted via v*gin*. OK, quite a relief coz at least I don't have to telan. Haha. But it makes me dizzy laaa..

So oklah, good luck to me! I really hope i can dicipline myself to take all these pills..

Gotta need some rest here. Hope Allah will ease my journey and protect us from any harm.


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