Friday, December 28, 2012

pre new year post


OK, I'm still gathering best photos for 2012. So much of ups and down, sad and tears but alhamdulillah, Allah has given us the greatest gift of the year, yet again, as a closing for 2012 despite all the bitter memories.
I couldn't be more thankful ever.

Work wise, well, what do you expect lah kan, of course it was depressing and stressful but there were few things that I felt satisfied with what I've done and alhamdulillah able to contribute to the company's business. Chewah, gila patriotic.. haha.. Although performance rating is not out yet, I dont really bother anymore, Allah  works in so many ways to grant us the rezeki, if its meant to be. No matter how high flyer you are, there will always be somebody try to bring you down and its happens soooooo many times that people yg x buat keje sgt, kipas2 bos, present je (itupun amik presentation pack org! cess!!) will shine. So life isn't fair, yes. But Allah is always fair. Keep that in mind.

Business pulak, not too bad, I was able to generate RM1.5K - 2K per month, with Sh4kl33 and 3lken. Alhamdulillah. 2013 nak target high sikit, I really need extra money coz dah pokai and berabis buat rumah cost almost RM400K kat Seremban. Huhu. Xpelah, at least my parents and siblings dpt merasa jugak. InsyaAllah, rezeki x ke mana kan. So, there'll be no more changing cars to our dream cars in the next 10 yrs. haha.

This Monday will be my 1st check up with my gynae, sgt nervous. Phobia pun ada. But I'm trying my very best to be positive, berserah byk2 pada Allah, only Him. He knows whats best for us. I hope this pregnancy journey will go smoothly, Amin. But seriously, pimples!!! Oh man, this is my first time dealing with this situation. OK, mmg kena pakai mask at least twice a week.

Ok ppl, gotta get some sleep now. Naufal needs my arms, baru terlelap. My manja boy!

Bye! Have a great weekend.

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