Sunday, October 28, 2012



It has been a very busy busy month for me & hubby so far. Oh ya, I think I have yet to mention, hubby actually continue his USM PJJ study in BSc Mathematics (what the ??!) haha. It started since July so hell yes, life has been pretty tough since then. Not like those days that hubby pampered me and Naufal, now he's quite occupied with his assignments &stuff so its like I'm taking over all the major house chores in the house.

Hubby loves Maths so bad and he's really good at it. He's my 'calculator' whenever I go shopping or to the market. Hehe. In fact, hubby is smarter than me.Previously he did PJJ at OUM but it was too easy for him kot 2 semester dpt 4.00 pointer. So he didnt enjoyed it coz x challenging katanya. He was also supposed to go to UK when later JPA decided to let them continue locally due to the recession, in his final year of A Level. Totally opposite with me, coz I had to learn the hard way to get myself a scholarship and continue my degree & masters in UK, which I started off with a Sijil, Diploma, worked as technician and went to UK. Although Hubby did get an offer to local U, but he didn't go coz maybe dah frust sgt kot and he had to work to support the family instead.

So, its a high time for me to payback what he have done since we got married the first day. He do all the laundry, lipat, kemas rumah and wash dishes. All I have to do is just to cook the best meal for him and get pregnant, of course. hehe. That is why now I am feeling very guilty leaving him with Naufal while I had to be at site to monitor my project. I really hate that. Hubby said its ok, but you know, its totally not OK for me.

Anyway, after all the hardwork this month, I think we should take a break and go somewhere. Probably Hong Kong, coz ada Disneyland. Next year I dont think we have the luxury of travelling coz Hubby will be busy and Naufal starts schooling plus the violin class, mengaji and so on. OK, lepas ni nak pejam mata beli tiket. lalalalalla



sha said...

HK Disneyland yeaayyy! best2

zurahimi muslim said...

Haha. Aku suka part pejam mata.

zurahimi muslim said...

Haha. Aku suka part pejam mata.

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