Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Yesterday I was quite excited to post on something, but now not anymore.

My period has delayed for 4 days which is something that never happened before. So I thought, oh, it could be, right. But all the results went negative when I took the test. Previous pregnancies I took the test on the expected period date itself and got positive.

Anyway, it is heartbroken to then realize that I got my period today. :( And I was crying in the toilet, I let it out for 10 mins.

Maybe because everyone else around me is getting pregnant and just got their new babies. By right, I now should have a baby in my arms as last Friday was my expected due date.

I know, people will say, well, at least u already have a child. But hey, experiencing a miscarriage - twice is definitely tough to handle. It's a tragic loss, traumatic and heartbroken. You'll keep looking on the calendar and somehow realized that you aren't pregnant anymore.

Perhaps I've been working too hard, I really need a break.

Ok, I should stop here before my tears keep on running.

Ya Allah, I humbly seek for your forgiveness. Please give me courage and strength to go through this.


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rafaliah said...

Kuatkan semangat. kau kena banyak rehat. Aku tengok kau haritu keletihan dan nampak stress.
Sila dapatkan R&R anda.
Take care tau.

~Mrs Fred~ said...


Thanks, aku mmg sgt stress n penat time ko dtg tu coz kena keja kat site dlm hutan.. hihi..

insyaAllah dah ok dah, emo je lebih coz tgh pms.. haha

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