Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wake me up when December ends


uh, its the time of the year, where everybody busy doing write up for what they have done throughout the year 2012. So do I.

I've been thinking so hard and looks like nothing is special in 2012, except that I had miscarriage, twice. So, its definitely not a good year to be remembered. However, syukur alhamdulillah, I was promoted this year and had also passed my NACE certification!

Anyway, I'm still in Labuan, struggling to complete my project. Luckily Hubby is around, so he took care of cheeky Naufal. Naufal doesn't want to talk to mommy coz mommy left him in home KK and mommy go to hotel in Labuan. haha. Coz last month he was here in Labuan with daddy and he knew that I'll be staying in the hotel.

Oklah, hope boss will not ask me to amend my write up coz I just don't bother to.


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