Saturday, September 08, 2012

White Flag


Well, as I have mentioned before, I'm on diet mode. Fat war, whatever you call it.

However, I realized that it was too freaking difficult to declare a war to rice or all the fatty food when in one day you got like 6 kenduri or makan2!! Malaysians are too generous lah kan, what can we do about it.

Last weekend, when I was back in Seremban, I went to 4 kenduri nasi minyak *seriously sgt sedap lauk n nasi dia that I had to eat more without feeling any guilty*. Then 4 open houses! I should have stayed in KK instead to avoid this.

To make it worst, when I was attending training in convention centre KL, the food was surprisingly delicious and had many choices! I was having a low expectation before I came, siap nak puasa lah bagai kan. Well, I successfully avoid rice on the 1st day of training but then again, sadly, I failed to do that when I saw this:-

Oh man, nasi dagang!!

And today, without any doubt, we found the almost perfect food in KK, finally.

Garlic naan tandoori and mee goreng mamak!

Duhhh. Sia2 je jogging yg x berapa nak jogging sgt td coz byk jalan je sebenarnya. Haha.

Oklah. White flag to all the good food. How could you not resist??! Tell me, people.

So, let's keep the resolution low for now. Hehe.

Seriously need a futsal session. Cepat sikit burn fat.


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rafaliah said...

Haiyohh..!! Food sangat tempting caner nak avoidd?? Makan ajee.. rezeki.. hehe..

~Mrs Fred~ said...

Lia, tu lah pasall!! Mmg tempting giler! Hehe

sha said...

hahaaa..should start after the raya month..or make it year? haha

~Mrs Fred~ said...


good idea, next year time bulan Ramadhan je lah baru start, insyaALlah..


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