Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 1: Fat War


Yes, I have officially declared Fat War since my post yesterday. However, today I have failed to force myself jogging at the park coz I was physically and mentally too tired and sleepy, too. Mission failed, for day 1.

But I had oat for breakfast, fruits for dinner and.... rendang burung puyuh salai, rice & sayur kacang buncis goreng for lunch!!! Oh no!! Big mistake!

Actually it was supposed to be yesterday, but I woke up so late, lupa nak masak nasi. I invited my friend - Kujai for lunch, nak rasa rendang burung puyuh salai cooked by my mom. So, postponed to today.

Oklah, di maafkan, niat baik nak jamu kawan.. Hehe.. We'll see how it goes tomorrow.


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sha said...

not a good start. xpe kita start balik harini haha

rafaliah said...

lame excuse.. berita paham..

~Mrs Fred~ said...


haha, xpe, the effort is there already..

mmg cari alasan kan.. hehe

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