Tuesday, August 28, 2012



Gosh, glad that I'm finally at home KK. Now I'm feeling not healthy at all, like all the fat was absorb efficiently in my body for the past one week.

In fact, I got continuous headache since last night. No no, I'm not expecting, coz I just got my period last Saturday. :(

Maybe I had too much cholesterol and fat. I should go to clinic tomorrow eh, to check if there's anything. Kot2 high blood plak ke, which is very rare coz I'm always on the lower side.

Anyway, talking about fat, as I went beraya to my relatives houses they all were saying that I've gain too much weight. Hell yes, people. I so know that! But do you know how much I have suffered? I mean, gained weight when I was pregnant and not even losing them coz it was a miscarriage? Oh, twice.

So, sabar ek, I also wanted to get rid of all those fat desperately. Well, starting today, I'm declaring a big war to rice and cholesterol. Let's have oat for breakfast, fruit for lunch and sandwiches for dinner.

I'm also starting my routine Futsal session very soon and jogging at the park. Oh, maybe I should just buy a bicycle to expedite the fat burning.

Ala, sgt emotional kan bila org ckp pasal weight ni.


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rafaliah said...

yeahh!! Chaiyok! Chaiyok! Kurus secara sihat! i Loike. All the best Fizza! :-))

sha said...

I'm with u!!! All the best!

~ez~ said...

me too! byk lagi kilo nk turun ni.pastu mmg emo bila org duk tegur pasal kite gemok suma. huhu..mcmla dorang yg bg kita makan pakai suma.huhu..bencikkkk!!

good luck akak.hehe..ez pon nk diet la camni.hehee

~Mrs Fred~ said...

TQ.. Tp hari ni fail nak jogging coz sgt penat.. huhu.. kalau ada bicyle mcm kt gym tu ok gak.. hehe

Lets do this together!!

lg emo bila org igt kita pregnant coz kita gemok..haha.. hampeh tul..kecewa222222

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