Saturday, August 25, 2012

Syawal lagi


Alhamdulillah, we are now on the 6th day of Syawal. Syukur di atas segala nikmat makan yg Allah beri.

Anyway, mood beraya still there. Since we came back to Seremban, we went out from home early morning and only reached home when it was dark. Sakan sgt la kan.. Semangat tul..

Beraya@ kampung is something that cannot be missed. Acara wajib, OK. coz only at kampung you'll get all those traditional dishes such as dodol, wajik, bahulu bakar and such. Naufal also enjoyed so much going back to kampung coz he got the chance to chase the chicken, cat & duck or goose. He was also half naked coz it was extremely hot and he sweat a lot. Hehe

So enough beraya for this week. Tomorrow we both are going back to KK while Naufal will stay coz I'll be coming back home again next week to continue my raya!! Hehe.. Actually I got a training to attend on 4th & 5th Sep in KL.

Hubby is going back to offshore this Tuesday :( but he's only going for a week so we will be reunited again on the 5th, when Naufal & I back in KK, insyaAllah.

Oklah, nak g beraya lagi. Tata!!

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