Wednesday, September 12, 2012



Ok, this is not gonna be another post about how struggling I am to lost weight.

So this week is going to be history for us as Naufal started his 1st violin lesson yesterday and today, his 1st mengaji class! alhamdulillah, all went well, despite the hard times to make him concentrate. Well, 3 yrs old boy, what do you expect lah kan. Hehe

Violin lesson is a one to one session for half and hour. Hubby accompanied him yesterday so Naufal was a bit cheeky and playful. Hehe. He learned about parts of violin and how to handle it. He yet to have his own coz his size was out of stock and we have to wait until next week.

Apparently the girl at the shop said quite many children learned violin at his age so tu yg habis semua stock. Then only it came to my mind that we actually have to buy a new size everytime he grows up! Oh man!

Mengaji lesson was not too bad either, alhamdulillah. I was with him so dia ada serious sikit. Ustad tu pulak sgt baik, x marah pun. If dgn daddy main2 je. Haha. His daddy had to menyorok during the session. Actually we started introduced muqaddam to him since he was 2. But then it was quite difficult to teach your own child at this age coz dia byk main2. Lagi2 if daddy yg ajar. So we thought maybe he needs somebody else yg ajar.

Ok boy, mommy & daddy is so proud of you! InsyaAllah, you'll become one of the greatest musician and also al-hafiz.. Hehe.. Sounds too ambitious!


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sha said...

Naufal ada tnjuk interest in violin yea? Terfikir nak enroll Ireen any klas tapi takot membazir kalau dia tak minat. Ryann now dia 5 years old dia request Golf class and Shuffle dance class. mana dia belajar pon tak tau. Tengah contemplating nk layan ke tak hehe.

~Mrs Fred~ said...

Shaem, he's more interested to trumpet but for below 5yrs child only have violin & piano - Suzuki method.. So we show him Barney playing violin pastu dia pun minat sikit2. Piano will be too expensive for us, tp sama gak got, we might end up spending the same for violin coz every time he grows up kena beli new set.. *duhh*.. Hehe

Anyway, layan je, better than sitting at home tgk cartoon, cartoon & cartoon or iPad.. Now Naufal dah kurang watch tv.. Hehe.. So it works.. The main tips is let them choose what they want, coz if paksa2 x jd plak nanti.. Next yr nak send gak Naufal to golf, yela, minat sgt lah kot kan sampai pecah tv atuk dia.. *grrrr* but do expect that they can easily change their interest after few classes..

Shuffle??!! Goshhh..... Justin bieber wannabe kot.. Haha

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