Thursday, August 16, 2012



We are reaching the end of Ramadhan. How sad! Have I done enough? Frankly speaking, not quite. But moga Allah accepted the ibadah that we did and insyaAllah hopefully lepas Ramadhan ni can maintain all the good deeds and teruskan usaha to become a khalifah yg soleh di bumi Allah.. Amin.

So, talking about raya, well, nothing much. This year we are gonna be in KK during the 1st Eid. Sob sob.. So I'll be missing the takbir raya at home Seremban!! But xpelah, this is part of marriage life, we will be in Seremban on 2nd raya anyway.

Baju raya for my cheeky boy dah beli awal2 since June when I was in KL for a meeting. Isetan was having a sale like mad for members so I took the opportunity to go shopping (luckily I passed my coating inspector exam!)

comel kan! hehe

Everything new for him, we also tempah his baju melayu @centre point.. He's all we've got so xpelah, spent lebih sikit for him. But later when he grow up, kena limit things for him otherwise he won't appreciate the value of money and of course we don't want to spoil him (well he's very manja now)..

trademark Naufal

The rest biasalah, new baju for mommy obviously coz baju lama byk x muat. Hehe. After puasa ni bolehlah get active with futsal and jogging.

Oklah, gtg now. I feel like zombie now, let's get some sleep.

Selamat hari raya, maaf zahir & batin!

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rafaliah said...

Pink!! cute!! :-))

~Mrs Fred~ said...


hihi.. ntah masa beli2 kain dulu tgk2 baju aku byk kaler pink pulak.. ko balik kg bila? maaf zahir batin Lia, selamat hari raya!

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