Saturday, August 04, 2012

New baby..


Alhamdulillah, we are almost half way in Ramadhan. But soon when Ramadhan ends, mesti sedih if we have done enough. So, while we are still in this blessing Ramadhan, do as much good deeds as possible and this is also reminder to myself, InsyaAllah.

Anyway, bulan ni mmg bulan rezeki, alhamdulillah. We finally got our new baby, new addition to the family. ;)

Just arrived yesterday. Well at last, it's a Myvi. I wish it was a Jazz Hybrid - but then why waste so much money to pay a higher monthly installment coz KK ni x jam sgt pun n we are living very near to town.

But anyway, TQ Hubby! I hope we are not gonna sell this car. So that Naufal can use it when he got his driving license in 13yrs time!


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