Saturday, July 07, 2012

Side income


I had a deep thought about this. It's not that what I earned now is not enough, but at least as a start before I do it full time then tender my resignation. It came to my mind after I had my miscarriage twice. Not blaming the office stress though, but that could be one of the reason among many other reason that only Allah knows.

I recently bought a set of corset from E1k3N which had costs me *only God knows how much*! Bought one for my mom too, coz she's having problem with the backbone so Drbsaudbwearubg corset might help a lot. Then 2 weeks later I got a cheque of RM 480+ from them, maybe the commission of buying extra corset! That triggered me and that kakak was right about this business which she said I only have to find 5-8 customers to earn extra RM3k-RM4k. Anyway, sapa nak Bg duit senang2 lah kan.. Huhu

But why I wanted the corset becoz I felt the differences of my body - sakit pinggang always, despite the weight gained yg x pandai nak turun2 after miscarriage. So I got frustrated, dahlah frust kan with the lost then bdn x turun2, naik lg adalah coz u never got the chance to really berpantang mcm org bersalin. I don't really aiming of losing so much weight, but kalau kurang sakit belakang tu dah alhamdulillah sgt.. The rest xtra la, insyaAllah...

I know I'm also good at cooking & baking (perasan habis) hehe but I had no time to even cook my own meal apa lg nak masak utk org n jual. Haha..
So I've been thinking, selling health product maybe not that bad.

Let's keep it low for now and see how it goes from now on. InsyaAllah, hopefully this works. I'm really looking forward to be a SAHM and spend most of time with my cheeky boy and Hubby!

Allah knows best. Amin.

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~ez~ said...

semoga dipermudahkan ye akak..nak jd SAHM mmg best tp perlu kan juga side income ;)

rafaliah said...

a very warm welcome to the group in advance! :-))) hehehe..

~Mrs Fred~ said...

Tq doakan akak. Amin. Bukan apa, Naufal always said 'mommy don't work laa, stay at home with Naufal'. Everyday dia ckp camni Ez.. Huhu

Haha, TQ. Aku dah siap2 cari customer tadi and dah dpt few ppl kt ofis.. Hehe

sha said...

really? Im so proud of u

~Mrs Fred~ said...


yes, pls be my regular customer! hehe

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