Monday, July 02, 2012



This month seems like a babies month coz many of my close friends having their newborn or just got pregnant. So yes, it did remind me to my unborn babies.

Ok, I know, what past is past but it is easier said than done. I am still struggling my best to mend the broken heart and spirit. I seldom in the office, always find ways to be out of the office coz I just can't. People may say I looked strong, but deep inside only Allah knows and I doubt that Hubby also knew that I nangis everytime after prayers when he is not around for 2 weeks.

What makes it harder is one of my colleague in the office (one of among the closest one) is pregnant has the same due date as mine. When we first told each other bout the due date, dua2 menjerit coz x sangka sama date! And excited jugak. But then, Allah penentu segala.

So, I sometimes trying to avoid bumped into her coz I knew I won't be any good in pretending that I'm ok about the lost. Oh, Don't get me wrong, I always doakan the best for my pregnant friends, hoping that they will not have to go through what I had been.

Ok, I really need to stop here. Oh, don't worry, I think I wrote this because of the PMS.


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