Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ramadhan & Pre-school Hunting

Salam Ramadhan Al Mubarak everyone!

Blogging has been very slow lately, there were many times that I started drafting a post but never got the chance to end it.

Anyway, Ramadhan, the month of blessing is finally here and alhamdulillah, Allah SWT has given us the chance to grab the blessing and seek for forgiveness for all the sins that we have done, insyaAllah. As for myself, sempat puasa for 6 days before I got my p3riod on Friday. *sigh*

Im also glad that hubby is around since 1st day of Ramadhan but he'll be going back to offshore this coming Tuesday (oh! how sad)! Naufal has been staying with his daddy since he was back home and didn't want to go to school. I think Naufal dah boring with his school now, coz skrang pun he's with the 4th years class since he was 2. Its kinda melompat kelas la kot, so no wonder lah now dia dah boring sgt doing the same2 thing again & again.

This 2 weeks yg dia stay with his daddy dia mainnnnnnnnnnn je & watch cartoon most of the time. I really couldn't recall whether it was me who started to make him addicted to TV and I don't think so. (x nak ngaku). Coz since he was small, I tried my very best not to switch to the cartoon channel as much as possible. So now he is happily at home, without having to learn, although playing is also part of learning kan. At the same time, I dont want to force him to learn but at least ada lah sikit2 kan, homeschooling ke apa. But I was extremely tired since few weeks back and I got stressed out at work - byk sgt report, keje, email, meetings. My new manager is very ambitious, he always came out with a new idea of doing things differently, which is kinda good but I just really cant cope with some of the thing that he wanted us to do. Anyway, a boss is always a boss so no argument. Period.

So yeah we have been talking about this (me+hubby) and we thought that maybe its big time for Naufal to move to a pre-school or kindergarten. Today we went for kindergarten hunting at four places:-

A. Private kindergarten - RM 1600 per term (4 months), got swimming class, art, music & etc but distance from home is 20mins approx. But when he is 5, the fee goes up to RM2K per month - definitely cannot afford lah kan..

B. Also a private kindergarten, but old building, 30mins from home. NO-NO.

C. A franchise's centre (well u can guess lah apa) but so small sgt with many kids, in fact smaller than Naufal's current school, I dont even feel like its a learning centre, not clean, yukss. Distance from home about 10mins. The way the teacher explain the modules pun not very convincing. Fee RM 1060/term/4months. The teacher pun got very long nail kt all her fingers, can u imagine this woman is teaching my kid?? Big No!

D. Smart kindergarten, phonics style learning, very clean, quite big area, very safe, ada playground, got small sink to wash hand everywhere around - mmg hygenic sgt. The principal explain the modules to us very well, siap tunjuk buku and proof that a 4 yrs kid can already make and write a sentence and looks very convincing, passionate in teaching not just nak amik duit je. But maybe no of student in a class tu mcm ramai about 20pax and during break time tu kena bawak bekal sendiri. Fee about RM260/month.

Looks like D option would be the best choice. But today we'll continue to search 1-2 more places before we decide the final one. Its not easy in KK to find a good place for kindergarten, as there isnt many choices available and you just have to live with it. Yes, there is an islamic school but no structured modules for the kids. The kid will have some difficulty to catch up once he entered primary school later coz org2 lain semua dah advance. Its not like those days during our time where we can enroll to tabika K3MAS coz now these kids are very advance & pandai2.

Naufal was pretty excited with the new place, especially when he saw a lot of activity books and also arts made by the kids. The principal said that maybe we should come again during class time so that we could see how the run the class. Oh, they also have sports day, outing or field trip and also year end concert.

Oh dear, my boy is growing up so fast! Sedihnyaaa but at the same time happy sgt to see when he moves one step forward.

Ok, I shall update again with the final choice! Bye!

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