Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Final decision


OK, Myvi is our final decision. Uhuk2..

The monthly installment is quite high, coz 2nd hand car interest is higher than buying a new car. Hence, Myvi je lah gamaknya. Hubby said he'll buy the new Jazz for me once kete skrang dah habis bayar, which is lama lagi!!! Haha

You better be good to us, Myvi.

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~ez~ said...

ez pakai suzuki sx4,husband pakai jazz.jazz mmg jimat juga.tp kalau banding dgn myvi ez xpasti la which one yg jimat.hehe..xpelah since akak ada vios nk byr tu..hehe..nnt xleh shopping2 pun xbest kan.hehehe

~Mrs Fred~ said...
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~Mrs Fred~ said...

oohh. tu la, interest dia tinggi plak coz 2nd hand car kan, so hubby ckp xpelah beli myvi je, kete untuk Naufal nanti. hehe. mmg insyaAllah xkan jual, pakai sampai lunyai.. haha

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