Friday, June 08, 2012



I'm currently addicted to instagram! It made the pictures a lot nicer and unique. Anyway, I don't know why when I post an instagram pictures in the blog they have problem on image quality. Maybe I should use smaller size photo.. Xpelah, let's enjoy the pictures from now.

-I'll never let go my daddy! -

-Finally going to site after a while-

Hotnya!! (weather ye, bukan org..hehe..)

my new playhut!

they are watching the local dance performance

tgh layan mushroon soup & garlic bread favourite dia..hehe

my new obsession!

bestnya jugak ni if join budak2 ni.. hihi

report yg sgt melambak! ya, sila nangis sekarang.. uwaaaaaa

avocado, our choice of drink!

my superhubby & superdad, of course.. yg tgh control macho..hehe


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~ez~ said...

ez dah lama add akak, approve cepaaatt!!

btw, ez pon tgh addicted cool je benda nih.haha

~Mrs Fred~ said...

ez, baru hari ni akak perasan ramai org nak add, tp masalahnya akak x tau nak approve camne.. xde pulak dlm tu button approve..huhu

~Mrs Fred~ said...

ez! akak dah approve dah! hehe

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