Sunday, June 03, 2012



Wah! Lamanya x update. It was a hectic week for me. I was at site tanning myself and my whole family came and we had Naufal's birthday bash at home. I looked horrible and tanned with 'panau' siap2. But thanks to MAC foundation it all were hidden during the party..Hehe..

I'll post about the birthday party later. Now I have a choice to make and I hate making choices which sometimes I ended up not choosing any.

Hubby and I have been discussing that we should have a 2nd car. I was against it initially coz it would be difficult for me to handle two cars when is he away at offshore for 2 weeks. But we sure need another car later when Naufal starts school and swimming lessons n music class n karate class etc.. Now we are using Hond4 stre4m, kinda big to drive around with only 2 ppl inside.

So we have been looking around but it's so difficult to decide!!


OK, this one is for sure my dream car since I graduated from Diploma and started my first job at W3stern digital. But with a small salary and high living cost in KL no one can afford that unless they are real rich! So, it's about time now that I should fulfill my dream.. Hehe.. But definitely, not gonna buy a new car, we found a good bargain for less than 80k for 2009 & 2008 model, yet to decide which one though.


Myvi SE 1.5.. Well, the most affordable car for Malaysian. The interior is not bad at all, but I'm a bit worry on the exterior - kalau accident (nauzubillah) sure remuk habis but the fuel save is undeniable plus the monthly installment is definitely lower than Honda, of course.

Anyway, susah kan nak decide! If I were still pregnant, Myvi would be preferred choice. But since now I'm no longer, so x kisahlah. Ntahlah, maybe nak beli Kete ni pun ntah2 nak mengubat hati yg lara.. Huhu..

Oklah, ada satu malam boleh fikir2 before Hubby gi submit document tomorrow.

Semoga boleh dpt mimpi malam ni.. Haha..


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~ez~ said...

ez vote honda jazz! hehe..ez pakai keta ni agak jimat jugaklah. hehe..kalau beli keta import, better beli 2nd hand.kalau local, better beli baru. kalau nak pakai jangka masa lama, beli myvi.sbb myvi kalau jual balik harga byk turun.maksudnya beli pakai sampai lunyai kalau jual balik xbyk based pd pengalaman ez sendiri.. ;) so selamat memilih!

jazz jelah akak! (racuuuunnnnnnn! hehehe..)

~Mrs Fred~ said...


Ye ke.. Tulah akak tau dia mmg fuel save, dealer tu kata full tank boleh dpt 550km, tul ke? Btw, akak igt Ez pakai Suzuki? Ez Nyer pun 2nd hand ek? Adoi tgh fikir2 lagi ni, coz now ni ada vios tgh byr lg, so tu yg berat sket.. Huhu.. Nanti xleh shopping sakan.. Haha

sha said...

Go Jazzzzz!! :D

~Mrs Fred~ said...


u too are a jazz fan kan.. hehe..

sha said...


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