Thursday, May 17, 2012

Unwanted 'gift'


I'm still not well. Yesterday I went back home after half day working coz I couldn't take it anymore.

Anyway, I've been doing a lot of reading and thinking. Few friends also suggested that I should go for rawatan syifa'. Maybe it's not really the miscarriage hormon or lack of acid folid or etc. Maybe it's something else.

Which is true.

One of my officemate could 'see' or 'scan' anything unusual inside us. So I requested him to scan me and guess what, he said I got the unwanted 'gift' on my right side.Gosh, I cannot believed this is happening to me, for real.

OK, this may sounds mistik, but it is. I got something like gangguan 'saka' which I believed coming from my great granddad side. Oh, sgtlah sedih. The baby could have been survived, but Allah penentu segala. If with a great 'saka' pun if Allah wants it, it will be. I know that for sure.  But insyaAllah, he had done something about it. Anyhow, hubby still thinks that he shall go to Darulsyifa.

So I've started reading and apparently yes, I think I've got some of the symptom said, since my 1st miscarriage. I once dreamt about holding a baby, dreamt of blood, I cried (tears really coming out) when woke up from sleep. I'm having a bad headache after work - after Asar until maghrib, I got sakit2 sendi on my right foot and almost couldn't walk.

So I got it all, wallahualam. Allah je yg tahu apa perasaan sekarang and I still can't pray, which is making it worst. The best I could do is take wudhu' and recite ayat before sleep, as suggested by my officemate. Now I'm waiting for Hubby to come back from Miri tonight and we'll discuss this in detail. Hopefully can go berubat as soon as possible.

Doakan for me people.


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rafaliah said...

go to Darus Syifa'..InshaALLAH..
at the moment what u can do is upkan ur zikir: ISTIGHFAR especially (sbb syaitan ni duduk dalam salur darah kita, so bila kita berIstgihfar ni hati akan tenang dan syaitan ni takkan berani duduk dlm badan kita, ni apa yg aku baca kat dalam buku), zikir al-mathurat 10 AYAT PERTAMA jangan tinggalkan. baca setiap kali lepas subuh, asar dan before sleep.

Just some tips..inshaALLAH..:-)

~Mrs Fred~ said...


insyaAllah, TQ for the tips.. harap2 boleh sembuh secepat mungkin, coz dah seminggu lebih aku demam, flu, batuk..susah nak keje camni, nak jaga anak pun x focus..huhu

TQ ek!

rafaliah said...

kau nii..stress ler tuu..sampai demam2, batuk, selsema tuu..relaxx..istighfar byk2..inshaALLAH hati cepat tenang..
take care tau..:-)

zurahimi muslim said...

insyaallah ok nanti..nak kene berubat la sikit...aminn

sha said...

unwanted gifts - so sick of this. It's in the family also. we have just to double/triple up the quran reciting, doa2 pendinding kena hafal, kene kuat mental, sentiasa ada bekalan zikir n doa2, n sambil berubat. I feel u , sista.

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