Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not well


It has been two days I've started working and I don't feel any better. 1st thing that caught my eyes when I arrived office was the little note below, which I had it next to the pc.

Oh my, sebak sekejap and I immediately printed out the article Ujian & Dugaan: Tanda Allah Sayang and post it on top of the note above. I had a terrible cough and flu on my first day and my boss was very kind asking me to go rest at home if I wanted too.

Not so many people have been asking about what had happened, maybe coz I've yet to go to surau. But today I was at the budget workshop and everyone was asking how am I doing. So I said I was OK, alhamdulillah and they said that perhaps next time I should refrain myself from traveling or going to site or maybe should be resting at home for the first 3 months.

Well, thanks a lot people. Really appreciate that. But deep inside only Allah knows how I'm struggling to say that I'm ok, when the fact is I'm not really yet.

But it surprised me that my x SM asked about my condition and he was sorry to hear the bad news. Then we started talking and he asked how did it happened, did I fall or anything. So I explained to him and he listened. I didn't really expect him to be concern coz everyone knows how sarcastic he is and bias to lady engineers. Haha, this is for real, OK. But then when I had my first miscarriage last year he was still my SM and he did emailed me to say condolence n take care. Maybe I was wrong, maybe I had a wrong perception about him all this while.

Oklah, byk sgt hikmah2 dah nampak since this tragedy, alhamdulillah. So true, Allah has a better plan, yg kita mmg x nampak initially but sooner or later it will come out.


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Raieza Hanim R said...

Salam Kak

I know its hard and people do really care. We know it takes time to heal too , internally & sentimentally. Just hang on, God will never test someone He knows they cant handle it. InsyaAllah!

~Mrs Fred~ said...

Ws Ieja

thanks very much, really appreciate it.

I'm slowly building up my momentum to work. hehe.

aikoakito said...

Hi, its my first time dropping a comment here in ur cyber home. I have been a silent reader of ur blog though :) I know no words can do its justice compared to the pain you are bearing. Anyhow, chin up! Life's a bowl of cherries and what seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise :) Be well and take care :)

~Mrs Fred~ said...

Hi Akito(not sure whether that's correct way to address u, ;)

Anyway, thanks a lot for dropping by. It's amazing to know that you have a silent reader. ;) Yes u r totally right about no words can do justice. But I'm slowly accepting the fate and moving on.

Thanks for your support n for reading my blog!!

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