Wednesday, May 02, 2012



It has been almost a week that I'm no longer carrying a baby. How sad it is, losing it again and it is very exhausting, traumatic and over all emotionally painful.

Some people would easily say sabar, without knowing how stressful it is for me. It is so easier to be said than done. However, I do appreciate all the support from friends and family, but deep inside, only Allah knows how I feel.

Anyway, I've lost my appetite, I don't really berpantang, except pantang mkn je. Coz the emotional scar is so much painful than the physical. Nothing so much on the pain anymore and I'm getting used to it already.

We had already kebumikan janin behind our house. But it makes me wonder when there were two gumpalan daging. Wasn't it supposed to be one only? I don't know. Anyway, dah tanam pun, just side by side with the other fetus which was miscarriage in Oct 2011.

After the D&C

Hubby started digging

The 1st piece

The 2nd piece

Alhamdulillah selesai, Al fatihah..

InsyaAllah, this is the best thing that Allah has plan for us. Amin.

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