Saturday, May 05, 2012

My precious


I have been distracting myself from mourning over the lost by keeping myself busy with my cheeky Naufal's birthday bash end of this month. MasyaAllah, he's turning T H R E E very soon and how time flies really fast!

Few weeks before he became TWO

Taken last week, wearing his favourite jubah

Ok, this is just show his machoness, wearing daddy's safety glass.. Hehe

So today we went out to Seremban town and bought the party stuff with a very cheap price! We have finalized the theme and it's gonna be Barney & Friends, as he loves Barney so much. We are planning to have celebration at his school and of course at home. I'm so gonna make sure that this is the best party we ever plan for him, insyaAllah. By doing this I felt so much better and relieved.

So oklah. Looking forward to our next holiday in PD. I'll update again soon.


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