Friday, April 06, 2012

Naufal's Art


Woohuu, it's a holiday today in Sabah. But hubby's not around, went for a training in Miri. So it's a bit boring, however, my all time fav entertainer never fails to make mommy laugh.

Just wanna share Naufal's artwork at school. The teacher said he likes coloring very much. Oh, that's so obvious, habis sofa mummy kena tempias sikit2, especially when all the coloring books dah siap. So far wallpaper or wall blum lg..

Got star!

More stars!!

Mommy dah pening ambik gambar terbalik, sila abaikan.. Hehe

Ok, ni sure dah boring kot.. Hehe..

So ok lah kan.. Not bad. Then at home he's asking me to colour and write the numbers and he says 'Good mommy! Clever girl!' haha..

Finally, he's cheeky photo this morning, with his favourite jubah n 'janggut' - tali yg panjang kt depan jubah tu.. Adoi, every single night he wants to wear this. I have to make sure I wash this everyday.

Cheeky boy!

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