Saturday, April 14, 2012



Alhamdulillah it's Friday today so glad that tomorrow will be a holiday. I got extremely exhausted this whole week since Hubby went back to offshore.

Anyway, alhamdullillah that Allah give me courage n strength to survive without Hubby. Naufal plak behave je so far. Everyday coming back home from work I'm feeling dizzy and need to lie down. Nak mkn pun x larat.. Huhu. Whatever it is, kena kuatkan semangat, if layan sure terlelap nyer.

Naufal always entertained me when I was lying down on the bed. He'll start asking - why Mommy tired? Then he'll make his funny face and I will start laughing.

Here's 3 snap of him tonight. Cheeky boy betul. Hehe..

Ok bye!! Tuesday, pls come fast!

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