Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pampering time


Alhamdulillah, the check up went well this morning n Dr said it's confirmed pregnancy. We could see the baby's heart beat but still too tiny though. So he requested us to come back in a week time for detail check up as he was also rushing to delivering a baby.

Anyway, I'm currently waiting for my turn to have my facial treatment! Can't wait coz its been 4 months since the last appointment. My fav place is Herbaline and it's always been since day one.

A friend of mine introduced this place and I also have my own beautician since then. Coz she was so gentle n x sakit pun masa picit2 jerawat ke apa and I feel very comfortable with her.

Before the treatment they will give a cup of ginger tea and face towel.

The treatment will takes approximately 2 hours and mmg best, boleh tido je.. Thanks to Hubby, he's taking Naufal to the softplay so I could have all the time to pamper myself.

Oh! It's my turn now! C u!

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Anonymous said...

aku pun suke herbaline..
dulu time keje kat klcc.. g yg kat estee lauder.. best gakk tak sakitt..
tapi la ni dah duk umah.. baru tahu herbaline seri kembangan setapak je dari umah aku..hehe
best kannn

~Mrs Fred~ said...


fuhh..estee lauder terus..mahal sikit kot..hehe.. tp herbaline suka bau herbs dia tu.. pastu kena urut2 bahu u kepala part tu yg best..hehe

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