Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sayonara 2011


Well, we are finally at the end of 2011. Thus, it makes me wonder what are the things that I have achieved this year.

Anyway, just to list some or what had happened so far in 2011:

1. Alhamdulillah, rezeki travel again. This time to Melbourne & Hong Kong. Naufal loved it so much that until now he sing the 'it's a small world' Disneyland tu EVERYDAY!
2. Upgrade our old mighty Viva to a Honda Stream.
3. Futsal, Futsal, Futsal!
4. Suddenly became an Apple freak - iPad, iPhone.
5. Naufal got 9 stitches on the chin, oh, how could I forget that lah kan!!
6. The highest amount of bonus + increment that I ever had since working.
7. Maintain the performance rating for three(3) consecutive years. This year punya x taulah camano.
8. The saddest thing that ever happened, we've lost our little precious when I was 10 weeks pregnant.
9. The busiest year so far, too much traveling, too much stress, too much workload.
10. Naufal able to read n memorize Alif Ba Ta, alphabets, numbers, many types of animals, colours, food and many more. He knew our name, his grandparents, friends, teachers, cousins and in fact my friend's name too!I think becoz we had exposed him to a lot of outdoor activities and during traveling.

MasyaAllah, alhamdulillah, I'm grateful for the opportunity that Allah has given us to achieve and experienced all the above. It's not big though, but at least something kan, especially when seeing Naufal progressing well as a toddler. Most of the time he surprised us with the words that coming out from his mouth, e.g.,

I was driving and it was a red traffic light but I didn't stop. So he said:
"Mommy, careful! It's a red colour and you must stop!" - I was like, whoa, budak kecik ni!! Hehe..

So, insyaAllah for 2012, I'm not going to dream big, but insyaAllah at least achieve something below:
1. Be a more patient mom to my cheeky boy, I admit there were few occasions that I've lost my patience and yelled at him. *guilty*
2. travel, travel, travel.
3. Savings, a lot!
4. Umrah
5. Get pregnant again, with Allah's willing
6. Spent time with family
7. Homeschool Naufal n sending him to music school. Daddy of course has a better plan, bab2 mengaji ni. Hihi.
7. Managing the stress at work
8. Most important, a better khalifah & wife. Amin.

See, that's not too much, isn't it? :p

InsyaAllah, we'll meet again in 2012 and may it brings a lot of happiness n rezeki to us, Amin.


P/s: I may update this post again with pics, insyaAllah.

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