Sunday, March 04, 2012

Butterflies in the stomach


Have I prepared enough for the assessment tomorrow? I hope so.
I have been preparing myself for the worst assessor. No clue who they are, but I bet from G*S. So far I only have 3 more ruler to close, only 1 gap each, so close but I screwed up during the last assessment. I wasn't that prepared, I took it for granted hence the results.

InsyaAllah, am praying hard that Allah will ease it for me this time. I realized that after the miscarriage, I easily forget things (super duper forgetful) so let's hope it will not gonna happen esok at 8am, yeah?

Ok, these boys inspire me! Thanks a lot to Hubby, was very kind enough to bring Naufal for outing so that I could have quiet time at home. He also cooked n did all the household chores for the past 2 weeks. ;) I love u everyday n twice on Sunday! Naufal also mcm faham je when I study at home. He never disturbed me but I am always disturbed and distracted with his acts! Cheeky boy betul! Hehe

Mudah-mudahan berkat lah keje selama ni n also what I've learned so far, Amin.

Pray for me! Adios.

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